Sunday, May 29, 2011

U.S. company burglarized Hacker

WASHINGTON - The company Lockheed Martin Corp. and several United States military contracting company (USA) is facing a problem, when hackers managed to break their own security network.

Unfortunately, hackers are bringing the type of data that are material. Although it is unknown what data is captured by these hackers. However, for unknown networks of military contractors Lockheed and others contain sensitive data future weapon systems and military technology that is currently used in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"The hacker broke into a security system designed to prevent intruders by creating a duplicate electronic key" SecurID "RSA security division of EMC Corp.," said the source, as reported by Reuters on Sunday (05/29/2011).

Manufacturers of arms is the last company who burglarized through sophisticated attacks that have penetrated the defense companies, including Sony, Google Inc., and EMC Corp.

However, the hackers learn how to copy a security key with the RSA data stolen from sophisticated attacks uncovered during EMC in March.

Unfortunately the EMC declined to comment on this issue, as did executives at other large military contractors.


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