Sunday, May 29, 2011

ARM: Intel Will Difficulty against us

CALIFORNIA - Sweetness of the smartphone market, and tablets made ​​semikondukter manufacturers, like Intel attracted to start playing in this segment. One of Intel's competitors in this segment of ARM, it is usual to respond.

According to ARM executive officer James Bruce, not something strange that Intel eventually into this market, indeed mengingangat tablets and smartphones is a niche that is very big.

"Of course the mobile phone market is very exciting. I would be surprised if the company does not want to play in the mobile market," said Bruce, as reported by Computerworld, Monday (05/23/2011).

"But if you look historically, Intel has been talking about the mobile market for quite some time now there has been much talk,. But I'm waiting very much to see a device will be shipped," he explained again.

However, James noted that when Intel managed to carve out a competitive foothold in a very tight space, the chip giant will find itself facing a very severe ARM ecosystem.

"The market is not just about one cell phone chip into some handsets, but pieces of a few needed to design the handset, some of our partners provide a variety of ARM chip that allows ecosystems to cope with the overall phone market,"said Bruce.

"Remember, this market is not about selling the processor, but about selling nearly a complete mobile phone on a chip This includes graphics, processor, video, or 3G or 4G modem," he said


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