Sunday, May 29, 2011

Google Music Cloud disburse up to $ 100 Million Fund

CALIFORNIA - to smooth the steps to build cloud-based music service shops, Google is preparing a number of fresh funds to purchase a license music from the four companies in the world famous label.

Cellular News on Sunday (05/29/2011), unsparing as much as USD100 million fund has been set up Google to have a music license is berbasi Cloud.

Actually, Google has been in talks with four companies, but failed. The talks are deadlocked, because Google does not want to reveal his plans in detail in the cloud-based music service.

service 'Google Music' has two key components, namely: a digital download store and a locker with cloud-based services with a subscription of $ 25 per year. Digital locker feature to allow users to store their music, buy from Google or add from their own collections, to be streamed to multiple devices.

The launch of music service from Google is probably going to beat the other cloud-based music service. Even Spotify, music streaming service that is very popular in England in 2009 was yesterday losers 'USD 26.7 million'


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