Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rumor: iPhone 5 Released 21 November

5 iPhone reportedly will be released on November 21

SAN FRANCISCO - latest speculation surrounding the iPhone the presence of 5 again sticking. This time, the fifth generation of Apple's smart phone that is claimed to be gliding on 21 November.

T3 technology magazine and website launch, on Wednesday (05/18/2011), a mobile phone retailer Phones4U staff had leaked the date as the official launch of the iPhone 5. According to T3, information obtained from one of the Phones4U shop in St Alban, England.

But speculation is still very doubtful. Because, really does not make sense if a senior staff not knowing the date of the launch of the iPhone Phones4U 5.

In addition, Phones4U certainly aware of the consequences that would occur if the staff they divulge details of the launch of one of the most sought-after mobile phone. The company management must have instructed their workers to shut up tightly linked perhaps questions about the fifth-generation iPhone.

Until now, the presence of 5 iPhone is not yet certain. Initially, the media predicted that Apple would release a phone at the WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC), which held June.

But word got out recently that the new Apple iPhone will ship 5 in September 2011.

source : okezone


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