Friday, June 3, 2011

Watching the 'Torture' of AsusDevice

The laptop has a variety of 'torture' in a room. At the drop of a certain height, detachable keyboard, pressed tens of thousands of times, the LCD hinge is opened and closed a million times. That part of the process of testing the Asus product.
This is part of the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) Asus products before finally passed the test and was released to the market.
Taiwan. Not just laptops, that by testing these products, including VGA, mainboard, and some Asus products. In between Computex 2011 detikINET any chance to stop by the division of tests on the Asus headquarters in Taipei. Unfortunately, the media cameras are not allowed mengabadikannya.
As a guide, hadirlah Senior Engineer Nick Liao Asus which describes several stages of the test. With enough time limited, the opportunity to peek detikINET several rooms.
The first room is a test of quality. Tightly closed glass, in this room all Asus products researched material raw material. "All products are researched raw materials. If they pass the test well, if they are not returned," said Liao.
In the next rooms, the testing process more 'ruthless' again. Among them there are dust resistance test that uses volcanic ash, audio noise tests, checking of IC, a keyboard that requires pressure testing tens of thousands of times, hinge test, the test fell from a height, an earthquake shock test, to test the temperature as a simulation of sea and air shipments.
Liao said, all these tests is SOP Asus, in order to maintain the quality of their products. Asus is hoping to draw all their products can hold up for years.


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