Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nokia Wants Local Developers Take Domination on Own Country

Jakarta - the more enterprising local developers to develop applications in a variety of mobile platforms. Potential local developer is kissed by Nokia who believe they have the potential host country itself. Applications assessed locally made no less with foreign-made and potentially ogled by the downloader application.
To support local developers to develop the work, the Nokia Developer Day held in some areas. In this event, participants received information about the opportunities and potential development of Qt-based applications from Nokia. Applications can be registered on Ovi Store.
"So we are directly targeting the developers at grass root level. We have conducted workshops in eight cities and trained thousands of developers," said Narendra Wicaksono, Developer Marketing Manager for Nokia in limited media gathering in Jakarta on Friday (06/03/2011).
The workshop was greeted enthusiastically. Not only with the business side, there are also some live coding session where speakers perform application development directly in front of participants to show the development of mobile applications is not difficult.
To further arouse the spirit of local developers, Nokia has also held a game development competition titled War Mobile Game Developer. After receiving special training, the participants who have been selected are challenged to make local-themed game.
This competition has resulted in nine finalists to play the main prize. The participants will present their competing respectively in the final competition taking place in FX Plaza, Jakarta, on Saturday afternoon.
Of the various games that made it into the final round, looked strong local theme of the game titles. For example, the game Nakula Sadewa, Malin Kundang or Arjuna The Archers.
Not without reason gaming applications into the field diperlombakan. For according to Narendra, application development game is quite complicated because it requires diligence in making the graphics, interface to gameplay.
Well, if already qualified developers in making games, it will facilitate the development of other types of applications. Moreover, judging from the market side, the content including the most downloaded game.


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