Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Digital Business Solutions, Telkom Speddy work on Music Industry

JAKARTA - the increasingly advanced technology make digital role getting closer almost all lines, and industrial needs. This is what seems to center targeted by Telkom through one of its services, namely Speedy.
"The 21st century is an industry where creativity can take over the world. The world will be full of creativity. One of the big industry it is the music industry, which includes a fairly large in Indonesia. Moreover, the digital era, as now, of course Telkom plays an important role," explained EGM Telkom Multimedia Division Joddy Hernadi, at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Wednesday (04/05/2011).
Joddy added, in line with the digital era, of course, digital music sales through the ride will continue.
To support this, again held the Final SpeedyTrek Speddy IndiNation in some big cities in Indonesia. Through this festival Telkom is one of Telkom's efforts to expand product portoffolio, one of which is the music content.
"With the presence of this festival of music could indi flashed a wider and larger. Moreover, this is a combination of online and offline competition," he explained.
SpeedyTrek itself is a music portal that is located in the shade carpet this competition which to date is able to capture 700 songs and 5800 new members.
From the selection that was held in 7 major cities in Indonesia, namely Medan, Jakarta, Malang, Denpasar, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Makassar selected 10 best bands that would follow grandfinal session. Later each band will be chosen by online voting and SMS way.
"Later, the winner also will get a contract for recording music and making albums. We also took the Republic of Love Management to produce their album," explained Jhoddy.
The ten bands that escape is, Horny Fever, Where Are You My Band, Radio Difussion, King of Panda, BlackStar, The WR, Pick Wolf, Thoarts Of panic, Simmerdown, and Post Blue.

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