Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Reasons Great Companies Choosing a PC?

A study titled 'Survey of Trends in Corporate PC and Buyer Behavior' made in ASEAN countries. The survey, among others, trying to uncover the impact of the crisis 2009 on PC shopping at a big company.
The result, as stated in the information received detikINET, Thursday (05/05/2011), 32.5 percent of respondents claimed to have recovered from the crisis.
The remaining 29.8 percent of respondents admitted to not actually affected by the crisis. Plus 12.8 percent of respondents who said the crisis would be utilized to accelerate their strategy.
PCs, desktops and laptops, clearly still a top choice among large companies. However, respondents also claimed to be open to new ideas and technology.
Then, what their main reason so when choosing a PC vendor specific as the main supplier in the company?

* The quality of after sales services (38.6%)
* Compatibility with the latest applications (35%)
* Price (28%)
* The ability to run future applications (26.6%)
* Total Cost of Ownership / TCO (19.8%).

"The survey reveals that the buyer also stressed the importance of enterprise PC Operating System and Total Cost of Ownership as the primary consideration," said Sandy Lumy, Country General Manager, Lenovo Indonesia.
According to Sandy, Lenovo is trying to meet a variety of ways. For example, Lenovo is working with Microsoft to produce the best performance for start-up and shutdown Windows 7 via Enhanced Experience 2.0.
"We also repeatedly ranked as a premium brand leader in the global PC industry because it presents a great user experience and offer the best Total Cost Kempilikan in the industry," Sandy continued.
The survey was conducted on 329 IT decision makers from companies with employees more than 500 people across the ASEAN region (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines). The survey by ZDNet and Connection Research on behalf of Lenovo, in the month of November-December 2010.

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